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Blackpool Finance
France, 2020
Open Web
  • Julien Bouteloup Founder
  • Max Mersh Contributor

Gaming Focused DAO

BlackPool is one of the largest NFT gaming focused DAOs that invests into and manages NFTs within games. The DAO manages a range of digital assets from play-and-earn game items to digital land plots via a range of talented managers in each game vertical. BlackPool is currently represented by the top players in Sorare, Immortal and MetaFight amongst others. BlackPool currently manages close to $10m of in-game assets.

Max's Sorare collection was the genesis collection of NFT assets that bootstrapped BlackPool alongside Julien Bouteloup. As the BlackPool team continued to grow, Max brought in two additional Sorare managers and continues managing one of the top Sorare teams for BlackPool.