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N.044 N.044
Series A
Switzerland, 2019
Open Web
  • Alex Skidanov
    Alex Skidanov Founder
  • Illia Polosukhin
    Illia Polosukhin Founder
  • Erik Trautman Founder

NEAR is the Blockchain Operating System is a decentralized platform designed to enable the creation and development of scalable blockchain applications. It provides developers with an open-source platform and development tools for building decentralized applications (dApps) that can handle high transaction throughput and low latency. utilizes a unique sharding architecture to improve scalability and allows for seamless interoperability with other blockchains and applications. The platform aims to make blockchain technology accessible to developers and users by prioritizing user-friendly experiences and lower transaction costs. strives to foster innovation and drive the adoption of blockchain technology by providing an efficient and developer-friendly ecosystem.