Back the Bold

We've been backing the best of Web3 from pre-seed to growth since 2012. Our LPs are institutional investors, web3 founders and HNWs with a common belief in a decentralised future. Find out more about Fabric's funds by registering below.

Investors 011

  • Photo of Fynn Brinkmann
    Photo of Fynn Brinkmann
    Fynn Brinkmann
    Venture Analyst
  • Photo of Thomas Crow
    Photo of Thomas Crow
    Thomas Crow
    Growth Associate
  • Photo of Ian Emerson
    Photo of Ian Emerson
    Ian Emerson
    Venture Associate
  • Photo of Alain Falys
    Photo of Alain Falys
    Alain Falys
    Venture Partner
  • Photo of Christina Frankopan
    Photo of Christina Frankopan
    Christina Frankopan
    Venture Partner
  • Photo of Anil Hansjee
    Photo of Anil Hansjee
    Anil Hansjee
    General Partner
  • Photo of Max Mersch
    Photo of Max Mersch
    Max Mersch
  • Photo of Richard Muirhead
    Photo of Richard Muirhead
    Richard Muirhead
    Managing Partner
  • Photo of Lata Persson
    Photo of Lata Persson
    Lata Persson
    Venture Analyst
  • Photo of Julien Thevenard
    Photo of Julien Thevenard
    Julien Thevenard
    Senior Investment Associate
  • Photo of Dr Steven
    Photo of Dr Steven
    Dr Steven "7" Waterhouse
    CTO & Venture Partner

Advisors and Experts 007

  • Photo of Anastasiya Belyaeva
    Photo of Anastasiya Belyaeva
    Anastasiya Belyaeva
    Venture Scout
  • Photo of Julien Bouteloup
    Photo of Julien Bouteloup
    Julien Bouteloup
    Advisor, Founder Stake DAO
  • Photo of Luis Cuende
    Photo of Luis Cuende
    Luis Cuende
    Advisor, Co-Founder Aragon
  • Photo of Michael Jackson
    Photo of Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson
    Board Member
  • Photo of Solenne Niedercorn-Desouches
    Photo of Solenne Niedercorn-Desouches
    Solenne Niedercorn-Desouches
  • Photo of Sid Shekhar
    Photo of Sid Shekhar
    Sid Shekhar
    Advisor, Senior Blockchain Researcher Coinbase
  • Photo of Axel Wehr
    Photo of Axel Wehr
    Axel Wehr
    Advisor, Co-Founder Evermore, Partner Firestartr

Portfolio Services 012

  • Photo of Alessia Battista
    Photo of Alessia Battista
    Alessia Battista
    People & Operations
  • Photo of Audrey Rouach Baverel
    Photo of Audrey Rouach Baverel
    Audrey Rouach Baverel
    Risk Manager
  • Photo of Sally Duckworth
    Photo of Sally Duckworth
    Sally Duckworth
  • Photo of Nhat Duong
    Photo of Nhat Duong
    Nhat Duong
    Senior Fund Acountant
  • Photo of Kim Grey
    Photo of Kim Grey
    Kim Grey
    Senior Associate - Investor Relations
  • Photo of Emma Horne
    Photo of Emma Horne
    Emma Horne
    EA to Managing Partner
  • Photo of Eleanor Hudson
    Photo of Eleanor Hudson
    Eleanor Hudson
    Head of Platform
  • Photo of Yiting Li
    Photo of Yiting Li
    Yiting Li
    Compliance Assistant
  • Photo of Jeddi Mees
    Photo of Jeddi Mees
    Jeddi Mees
    Fabric X Program Manager
  • Photo of Mia Soarez
    Photo of Mia Soarez
    Mia Soarez
    Events & Marketing Manager
  • Photo of Hassan Tahan
    Photo of Hassan Tahan
    Hassan Tahan
    Management Accountant
  • Photo of Besmira Uruci
    Photo of Besmira Uruci
    Besmira Uruci
    Head of Compliance & AML